During this time, medical professionals can easily administer treatment that can reverse the effects of the drug and save the life of the OD victim.Law enforcement and health care professionals have recognized this problem and have taken steps to mitigate it by creating Good Samaritan laws that remove fear of legal punishment. For instance, in California if you’re doing drugs with someone and they overdose, you can call 911, the police or fire department and request emergency assistance for the victim without fear of criminal charges. However, the law only covers minor drug related infractions major infractions will likely still be punished.

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A heating pad on low heat with at least 1 2 layer of a thick terrycloth towel.MOVEMENT of joints closer toward the heart occasionally with elevation, pumps traumatic fluids away from the injury. After several days, movement and pumping of lymphatics reverses swelling at the site and promotes healing and circulation.ACE: An external ace bandage gently and lightly applied may compress a new injury, stopping or slowing the bleeding and controlling the injury. Light compression with an ace bandage stops the bleeding by compressing the wound and should NEVER be place on tight.IMMOBILIZATION: A fracture, tendinous strain/pull partial or complete rip must be initially immobilized with a splint.

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