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wholesale jerseys “It was probably a bit of a poor decision originally to have such a Celtic leaning to it,” confessed Matt Carter, front man for the six piece ska/punk/reggae band that plays at Pogue Mahone tonight.People might get their tartan tied up in knots, showing up for a show expecting jigs and reels only to find a Caribbean style rhythm and horn section.”We do get that once in a while. Our original guitarist wore a kilt to his high school grad and also had a habit of mooning people once in a while,” but that’s the extent of their Celtic influence.In any case the name has stuck like gum to a shoe these last 10 years, a touch of collegiate humour helping to explain ahem the underlying philosophy of the Kiltlifters.”It’s just music that’s going to make you smile, dance and have a good time,” said Carter, who lived in Kamloops for a spell as a youngster. His father, John Carter, was city editor of The Kamloops Daily News at one time.”I grew up on the Island but always made a point of getting back over once in a while wholesale jerseys.