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HR EthicsInteractions between managers, business owners and employees create numerous opportunities for breaches of ethics. Discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, age or other factors is an issue in the United States, for example. Managers who discriminate against minority groups in hiring practices, compensation decisions and the terms of employment can face legal and social consequences.

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Currently we enjoy an average life expectancy at birth in England of 79.4 years for men and 83.1 years for women. This is a massive change over an ultra brief biological time frame. And this established trend in longevity is projected to continue during the 21st Century.

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LG has unveiled a “rollable” TV a 65 inch screen that can roll down and disappear into its base with the press of a button. The set can still play music when the screen is rolled down completely, or display a clock when it’s just partially rolled down. LG says the TV will be available later this year.

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