canada goose outlet toronto factory Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Public FileWASHINGTON (AP) On a black Monday for Donald Trump White House, the special counsel investigating possible coordination between the Kremlin and the Trump presidential campaign announced the first charges, indicting Trump former campaign chairman and revealing how an adviser lied to the FBI about meetings with Russian intermediaries.The formal charges against a total of three people are the first public demonstration that special counsel Robert Mueller and his team believe they have identified criminal conduct. And they send a warning that individuals in the Trump orbit who do not cooperate with Mueller investigators, or who are believed to mislead them during questioning, could also wind up charged and facing years in prison.Paul Manafort, who steered Trump campaign for much of last year, and business associate Rick Gates ended the day under house arrest on charges that they funneled payments through foreign companies and bank accounts as part of their private political work in Ukraine.George Papadopoulos, also a former campaign adviser, faced further questioning and then sentencing in the first and so far only criminal case that links the Trump election effort to the Kremlin.COURT DOCS: Manafort, Gates indicted in first charges from Russia probeManafort and Gates, who pleaded not guilty in federal court, are not charged with any wrongdoing as part of the Trump campaign, and the president immediately sought to distance himself from the allegations. He said on Twitter that the alleged crimes occurred “years ago,” and he insisted anew there was “NO COLLUSION” between his campaign and Russia.But potentially more perilous for the president was the guilty plea by former adviser Papadopoulos, who admitted in newly unsealed court papers that he was told in April 2016 that the Russians had “dirt” on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails,” well before it became public that the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta emails had been hacked.Papadopoulos was not charged with having improper communications with Russians but rather with lying to FBI agents when asked about the contacts, suggesting that Mueller who was appointed in May to lead the Justice Department investigation is prepared to indict for statements even if the underlying conduct he uncovers might not necessarily be criminal.The developments, including the unexpected unsealing of a guilty plea, usher Mueller investigation into a new, more serious phase. canada goose outlet toronto factory

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official canada goose outlet ATLANTA (AP) A federal judge has ordered Georgia take steps to ensure provisional ballots aren’t improperly rejected and to wait until Friday to certify the results of the midterm elections that include an unsettled race for governor. District Judge Amy Totenberg ordered the secretary of state’s office to establish and publicize a hotline or website where voters can check whether their provisional ballots were counted and, if not, the reason why. And, for counties with 100 or more provisional ballots, she ordered the secretary of state’s office to review, or have county election officials review, canada goose outlet online the eligibility of voters who had to cast a provisional ballot because of registration issues official canada goose outlet.