7/22 Update: There were some technical issues with the PDF version, so if you like to buy, best thing is to head to the Tribune ebook center where you can get the book in various formats but give the PDF a few days. Photo e book has been published! It based on photo columns that have appeared on this blog over the past four years and I absolutely delighted. Essentially, anyone with a visual storytelling passion would enjoy this book.

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The Lord has placed next to me many people, who, with generosity and love for God and the Church, have helped me and been close to me. First of all you, dear Brother Cardinals: your wisdom, your counsels, your friendship, were all precious to me. My collaborators, starting with my Secretary of State, who accompanied me faithfully over the years, the Secretariat of State and the whole Roman Curia, as well as all those who, in various areas, give their service to the Holy See: the many faces which never emerge, but remain in the background, in silence, in their daily commitment, with a spirit of faith and humility.

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