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The report analyzed the retirement challenges faced by households in or near retirement (ages 50 to 75) and with a net worth of $111,000 to amazon uk canada goose $1,300,000 (if you’re statistically inclined, that represents the 25th to 75th percentiles of this group by net worth). According to the report, this middle class group will need to rely primarily on Social Security benefits, continued employment, and pensions to fund their retirement, since their retirement savings aren’t sufficient to generate adequate amounts of retirement income. And since most boomers don’t have significant pensions, that just leaves Social Security and continued employment as their primary sources of retirement income..

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Realme 2 Pro designHolding it in canada goose hybridge uk one hand, the Realme 2 Pro feels pretty big. We struggled a bit with one handed use but the phone itself isn’t too heavy. It’s a bit on the thicker side at 8.5mm, but the rounded polycarbonate edges offer a comfortable grip.

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