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canada goose coats on sale Massive slip ups, followed by scandals, followed by breaches serve to constantly remind us that the Mark Zuckerberg helmed behemoth is unable to protect the reams of personal data it has collected on its users, even when it professes a desire to do so.\nAnd then, of course, there are all the cases where what’s good for Facebook explicitly doesn’t line up with what’s in you or your child’s best interest.\nWhat is happening with those photos once they’re canada goose outlet in vancouver uploaded?\nBut this is not a story about shady third party apps scraping Facebook for your personal data, or even Facebook intentionally manipulating users’ News Feeds to see if it would make them sad. Rather, this is a look at what it means when untold amounts of personal information about your child is posted to the service with or without your consent.\nWhat does it mean for your kid’s present and future well being when thousands of photos showing every stage of their development have been handed over to a company that brushes off an acknowledgment its service may directly contribute to literal deaths before those same kids are even old enough to have a Facebook account?\nAnd how does Facebook protect those children from being categorized, monetized, and exploited by the same algorithms designed to track and profile its users the company’s entire raison d’tre? Is the company that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, very publicly denies knowledge of the shadow profiles it actively creates, really the right corporate entity to which you should entrust to safeguard your child’s life story?\nThese are just a few of the questions we posed to privacy advocates, childhood development experts, and Facebook itself. What we found wasn’t exactly reassuring.\nFirst, the unsurprising part: Over the course of reporting this article we reached out to multiple specific individuals at Facebook with likely knowledge of the company’s policies on safeguarding minors’ data, as well as Facebook PR and the lead spokesperson on issues relating to facial recognition tech.\nDespite an initial offer to discuss the general concerns raised by canada goose outlet online uk our reporting, Facebook stopped responding to our emails after we posed specific questions canada goose coats on sale.