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But that’s not all. Thanks to the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, there’s also the fact that game consoles now support features like 4K and HDR. However, even on non 4K TVs, there’s a feature called supersampling which essentially renders the image at a higher resolution before sending it to the screen, that brings some improvements to image quality.

Threatpost reports that developers have been targeted by phishing emails, masquerading as job offers, that contain malicious files. These files install data stealing malware with keyloggers and screen capture modules, and appear to target developers with Github repositories, opening the possibility of source code theft. LastPass says it has fixed all but the most recent, which it describes as allowing a unique and highly sophisticated attack.

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Reconciliation Resources is headquartered in Saskatoon and is a close ministry partner with Elim Church and Neighbourhood Church on Pinehouse Drive. Jodi, the ministry executive director, is also a pastor and certified counsellor. Darryl, who has pastored a number of churches in the past, operates an Approved Mental Health Home.