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canada goose outlet The median sales price in Kihei grew 8.2 percent to $409,000. In Napili Kahana Honokowai, the sales price was up 6.6 percent to $437,000. In Wailea Makena, the median price was up 6.6 percent to $1,146,008. But the number of immigrant prosecutions kept rising, peaking at more than 90,000 cases in 2013, and leaving President Barack Obama with the unexpected legacy of locking up more people of color on canada goose jacket outlet sale federal criminal charges than any president in recent history. That figure that doesn’t include the costs of judges, public defenders, transportation and other services needed to make those redundant prosecutions happen. Grassroots immigrant rights activists routinely protested the prosecutions, particularly in Tucson, but the trend went largely unquestioned by Democrats during Obama’s presidency.The disconnect between the plummeting number of illegal entries and the federal government’s enthusiasm for prosecuting that crime is now clearly on display in Del Rio, where the system began. canada goose outlet

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