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Later, Scribd CEO Trip Adler was quoted by GigaOM saying that while most documents the company considers “viral” reach 100,000 views within 24 hours, the Prop 8 ruling had reached 100,000 views within 24 minutes. Its propagation has since slowed, and it’s now sitting at just over 200,000. The Internet is fickle we all know that but that first burst of interest can be significant..

Of course, the history and current circumstances in the Middle East are different, so the benefits of comparison are limited. But it is clear that past failures to achieve peace do not make that result inevitable. I believe there is no such thing as a conflict that can be ended.

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Tilray became a summer sensation after its July initial public offering. One day in September it doubled in value. It has yet to reclaim its high that day near US$214, and is down 61 per cent since then. For several months now and haven’t had any issues in the dentist chair nor have I gotten so sick that I need to go to the doctor. It is solid at room temp and turns to liquid above 76 degrees. Usually in the summer months it will be in liquid form if your house is warm.

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