Many individuals reaching this age have little to no retirement savings to rely on to make up the difference. Since elderly individuals living on modest fixed incomes spend, on average, $56 on groceries for a week, cuts of that size may mean foregoing food or needed medicine. Further, the inaccuracy of the current measure (CPI W), disproportionately harm demographic groups with longer life expectancies women, Asians and Latinos and all seniors who live beyond their average projected life expectancies.

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There are many software tools available that can help you shop and compare plans. Be aware that these tools all have various sponsors with different points of view. You may want to start with the tools offered by Medicare and other nonprofit organizations that advocate for seniors.

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Everyone has a certain food they just don’t like, and sometimes, the loathing borders on the pathological. Maybe you cringe every time spinach even so much as touches the rest of your food. Or if you’re powerful enough, you might go ahead and ban broccoli from Air Force One.

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