Australia don’t wear “black” for T20Is as mentioned in the article. This idea is super cool. Have actually felt over the years that it looks bit boring with two teams in similar blues wholesale jerseys, greens or reds. McMaster said on ABC News that the president was “very clear” in his statement and “called out anyone, anyone who is responsible for fomenting this kind of bigotry, hatred, racism and violence.” Later in the morning, McMaster added on NBC News that it “ought to be clear to all Americans” that Trump’s comments about bigotry and hatred included white supremacists and neo Nazis. He also said that he considers the death of a counterprotester in Charlottesville on Saturday an act of terrorism. Bossert said that people “on both sides” showed up in Charlottesville “looking for trouble” and that he won’t assign blame for the death of a counterprotester on either group, although he said the president would like to see “swift justice” for the victim.

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