They are also more convenient than paper as they do not take up valuable space. Therefore, California should go fully digital in order to preserve the environment. 9): This latest column, by Marcos Breton, and all other talk about illegal immigrants, wouldn’t be needed if one thing was changed.

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LaPookFor the latest study, Harvard researchers looked at data from 88,902 patients who were involved in two long term studies. The participants filled out questionnaires every two years between 1988 and 2008 about their health and whether they had undergone colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy procedures.\n\nDuring the study period, 1,815 people developed colorectal cancer and 474 died from the disease.\n\nResearchers discovered that people who underwent colonoscopies or sigmoidoscopies as recommended had a reduced risk of getting colorectal cancer or dying from it. \n\nColonscopies had a stronger link when it came to lower incidence and cancer deaths.

Lisa Earle McLeod is a sales leadership consultant. Companies like Apple, Kimberly Clark and Pfizer hire her to help them create passionate, purpose driven sales forces. She has appeared on The Today Show, and has been featured in Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.

Anderson Cooper traveled the country and the world seeking the truth and meeting the people whose lives took a dramatic turn this year. He also honored the legacy of icons and heroes who passed away. Among them, we said goodbye to entertainers Dick Clark and Whitney Houston, and remarkable journalists Marie Colvin and Anthony Shadid..

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