He also suffered a punctured lung, broken jaw and a fractured eye socket.Police confirmed he hadn’t been travelling too fast, but his bike left the road and his head collided with a metal pole.Following his initial admission to hospital, he was eventually transported to Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth hospital to be assessed by specialists.The accident left Adam in a comaAdam’s sedation was lifted to bring him out of his induced coma, but his condition failed to improve. Specialists became extremely concerned as Adam showed little sign of coming out his coma.He was effectively being kept alive by machines and remained in a coma when he was eventually taken off his ventilator.But, after a month of hell, the family was stunned when Adam miraculously pulled through.”Myself and Adam’s brother, Cameron, went to see him one day and I can still vividly recall what happened,” dad of two Jim added.Gerry Cinnamon serves up a ‘Belter’ of a gig at Kilmarnock’s Grand Hall”I said to him, as I always did, ‘hi son, how are you doing’? The faintest voice came back with, ‘I’m fine’.”We stopped and looked at each other, asking ourselves if we had just heard that. That was the day he started to come back the day the lights started to come back on.

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