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canada goose outlet nyc Jun 20:Sam Carter ordered to stay away from cops, DA, judge in Mapleton elk trial over unspecified ‘concern’ Jun 3:Sam Carter, ex Boulder cop, convicted on all counts in Mapleton elk trialMay 30:Boulder deputy on Sam Carter’s claim Mapleton elk was injured: ‘It was a lie’May 29:Brent Curnow testifies in Mapleton elk trial that he believed he did nothing wrongAttorneys in court Wednesday agreed on one thing: On Jan. 1, 2013, former Boulder officer Sam Carter while on duty and in uniform shot and killed an elk on Mapleton Hill.But as attorneys laid out, the question is whether it was a plot to kill a beloved trophy elk and cover it up or an officer euthanizing an aggressive and injured animal.A Boulder County jury will spend the next two weeks hearing evidence for both arguments after attorneys made their opening statements in the case Wednesday in Boulder District Court.Deputy District Attorney Fred Johnson said Carter developed a “fascination” with the elk and had a plan to use his position as a police officer to get away with killing canada goose vest outlet it and claiming it as a trophy.”That night, Sam Carter had an illegal and selfish plan in mind,” Johnson said. “He was aware a bull elk had been up in that neighborhood canada goose outlet nyc.