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April MarchOn paper, April March’s “Chrominance Decoder” looks like a perfect pop bauble. Produced by French lounge music auteur Bertrand Burgalat, with several tracks remixed by the Dust Brothers, its hip pop credentials are impeccable. Moreover, March’s girlish singing suggests some otherworldly blend you can check here of blithe innocence and jaded ennui sort of like Britny Spears channeling Nico.

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Revitalized by dynamic artistic leadership and its classy lakefront digs, the Grant Park Music Festival has been a game changer for Chicago summer music in the 13 years since the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus took up residence beneath the vaunting steel sails of Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park. Music festivals can match, with one of the nation’s finest outdoor concert halls pulling in visitors from near and far. (Grant Park’s motto: “Come for The Bean, stay for the music.”).

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Detroit, MichiganLonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018 list puts Detroit at number two in the top 10 cities to visit, and we have to agree. The Detroit renaissance is truly inspiring, with creative industries thriving locally and formerly derelict buildings now abuzz with new life. Grab a ride on the bike share scheme and get to know this rapidly evolving city on two wheels.

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[by] my two realities: That Obamacare has been detrimental to patients and that we must care for all in need, no matter what.”. canada goose clearance

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