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cheap Canada Goose Drivers who are addicted to their phones are putting lives at risk (Image: Tetra images RF)Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersAnd so I’m canada goose outlet vancouver one of the 26 per cent of drivers prepared to admit to being But what about you? Have you ever “just sent a quick text at the lights” or “made a 30 second call” to tell the childminder you’re stuck in traffic?Because you’re a good driver and you know when it’s safe to do it, don’t you?Far too many drivers are in denial.They tut tut at Gary Neville, the star caught driving, phone in hand, on cheap canada goose new york the M60 this week but sneakily continue to do the same.Which is why 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured in accidents in accidents in 2015. And why the penalties have just doubled to a fine and six licence points.But we have become so reliant on our mobile phones that checking them every few seconds is almost a reflex action.AA president Edmund King says motorists are “addicted” to them and we all need to “go cold turkey by off the phone and putting it in the glove box before each journey”.You could be breaking the law paying for food at a drive thru after mobile driving laws were toughenedBut it only takes one relapse for a phone addict driver to take a life. So the Department for Transport urgently needs to consider other options.Like asking all smartphone manufacturers to include “drive safe” modes to “flight modes” to block calls, texts and emails.Or working with car makers on technology that will automatically stop phones working when a is in motion.. cheap Canada Goose

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