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canada goose coats How can we make American society a better, more humane place whereJump to Last Post 1 2 of 2 discussions (8 posts)everyone is accorded decent education, housing, jobs, medical care poverty is nearly eradicated? What solutions do you propose? Or do you contend that American society won’t ever canada goose chilliwack black friday become better that to propose decent education, housing, jobs, medical care for all is nothing but an unrealistic, even fantastical pipedream?lovetherainposted 2 months agoin reply to thisAccording to Jordan Peterson, 10% of the population has an IQ under 85,and that there are NO canada goose jacket outlet jobs for these people. I disagree. I think there are jobs for these people, who make up a good percent of the uneducated and jobless. canada goose coats

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