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canada goose outlet uk sale 29 and could face up to six years in prison on the Class 4 felony conviction. Prosecutors did not ask for a change in Carter’s $20,000 personal recognizance bond, and Carter and his attorneys left without commenting.”This was about something that is essential to every community, and that is integrity in public service,” Garnett said.He also stressed the importance of protecting wildlife.”I didn’t want to have lost in the rigmarole of the criminal charges canada goose outlet the majesty of this animal and its impact on the community,” Garnett said. “People who want to tease Boulder about this case have probably canada goose outlet mall never seen an elk quite like this.”The death of the elk, named “Big Boy” by some residents, sparked outrage and immediate calls for action against Carter and fellow Boulder police officer Brent Curnow, who picked up the carcass.One of the jurors, Zach Dahmen, said there was a lot of debate during deliberations but that ultimately he felt the prosecution proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.”We just felt like the facts that were presented were irrefutable,” Dahmen said. canada goose outlet uk sale

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