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Canada Goose online Urgent action to address “critical” staff shortages.More canada goose uk head office to be done to protect the wellbeing of those working in health and care.”More sophisticated methods” of listening to patients and those being cared for and more shared decision making with those it affects.Building on the many great examples of quality improvements at local level with “many driven by heroic individuals in isolation due to lack of support and coordination”.But it warns that there is too much focus on narrow hospital targets rather than looking at the bigger picture.It wants a new national transformation programme to drive forward changes.However the panel warns this “won’t be easy” and will involve “significant test of leadership. At national, regional and local level”.Without “faster” and “more widespread progress”, access to and the quality of services could decline in the next five years.Media captionDr Ruth Hussey said the NHS was designed 70 years ago when things were very differentDr Hussey said the scale of the challenge ahead should not canada goose bomber uk be underestimated.”It is clear that change is needed and even clearer that this should happen quickly,” she said.”We have detected an appetite for change and a desire to ‘get on with it’. A strong commitment to transform not just how much is done, but what and how it is delivered is needed.”Faster changes canada goose expedition parka black friday to health and social care system urgedQ What are the challenges facing social care in Wales?What is the cost of care in your area?Aneurin Bevan health board has made big improvements in looking after stroke victims after centralising in Newport two years ago and providing a seven days a week, high level service.After being one of the worst, it is now judged to be the best performing in Wales and mortality rates have also improved.Dr Yaqoob Bhat, clinical director for stroke medicine, said: “Stroke patients can come at any time it doesn’t make sense having a different care on Monday and again on a Saturday.”Also, how quickly you see that stroke patient is important so being able to see a specialist straight away was one of the biggest changes as well.”Specialist rehabilitation is also provided at a smaller number of centres to focus more on expertise.. Canada Goose online

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